Hull Cleaning & Propeller Polishing

Maximize your vessels performance and start reducing fuel costs today!

Building on this high standard of quality and professionalism, we are pleased to introduce a level of hull cleaning and propeller polishing services never before seen in Fiji.

Our service features rapid turnaround cleaning and includes the entire hull, rudder and propeller. Our polishes give propellers a new lease of life to a Rubert A/B grade finish.

All designed to save you time, and money…

Reap the Benefits of a Clean Hull and Polished Propeller

  • More than 15% in Fuel Savings
  • Energy Savings
  • Co2 Emissions Reduced
  • Speed Increases – or reduction in power necessary to attain a given speed
  • Extended service life of non-ablative paint from 2 years to 7 years
  • Effectiveness of anti-foul coatings are restored and rejuvenated
  • Corrosion control
  • While cleaning, we inspect every square foot of the underwater hull

The Triton Marine Cleaning SystemBrushes1

Triton Marine’s cleaning equipment is an advanced hydraulically driven, diver operated rotary multi-brush cleaning unit. It is diver operated, which means it is fully controllable and is one of a kind here in Fiji.

Our unit is equipped with numerous brushes and abrasive discs to handle all type of marine fouling on any underwater surface. By adjusting the speed of the brush rotation we can produce exactly the type of cleaning action required to ensure we remove even the heaviest of barnacles.

Brush materials range from wire, polypropylene, nylon, silicone and grit along with barnacle cutter inserts which allow us to provide consistent cleaning with minimal paint deterioration. The scrubber bristles lay flat against the hull, cleaning it with a sweeping motion without gouging, thus maintaining the integrity of your vessel’s hull and paint system.

Prevention IS Better than Cure

Once an antifouling coating begins to develop a layer of slime, the more advanced stages of fouling quickly follow, including tubeworms and barnacles. If a diver does not intervene, these shellfish can actually penetrate the coating and inflict permanent damage to your vessel.

The Benefits of Triton Marine Maintenance Plan

The Triton team can create a comprehensive maintenance program for your vessel or fleet. Upon initial inspection, we provide you with a comprehensive report detailing the state of each hull and propeller and make recommendations for cleaning. Once the hull and propeller have been effectively cleaned and polished, we can custom design and schedule a regular maintenance program to maintain the newly enjoyed level of performance.

The Advantages of Working with Triton Marine

  • In-water cleaning conducted while ship is at anchor or dockside.
  • Significant savings from less frequent and shorter dry dockings.
  • If dry-docking is necessary, a pre dry dock clean can result in a reduction in time required on the dock.
  • Underwater inspections can reveal conditions that warrant early corrective action or repair, again saving you time and money.
  • Complimentary underwater pictorial survey of the hull provides a comparative record of the hulls condition before and after cleaning.
  • Custom maintenance programs including hull, propeller, rudder, sea chest cleaning and propeller polishing can be designed and scheduled.

We provide and manage a quality service that is completed in an efficient and timely manner, you don’t have to worry – we take care of everything.

 Triton Marine is Environmentally Conscious

Triton Marine’s equipment conforms to the high environmental standards set and approved by The United States Coastguard, Environment Protection Agency and the US Department of Marine Safety.

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