Welcome to Triton Marine, Fiji’s Underwater Consultants.

Why Work With Us?

We bring 15+ years of experience to the table. Our team has contributed to projects throughout Fiji and the South Pacific.

Complementing our in-house expertise is a robust network of strategic, cross-sector partnerships. You’ll always have the best people working for you, our service provision specifically tailored to your requirements.

Our business model is economical. Not only do we leverage appropriate technology, but Triton Marine isn’t burdened by expensive overheads. This ensures competitive quotes, your securing a quality finish whilst maintain a healthier bottom line.

We are client-focused, flexible and responsive to your requirements.

Here at Triton Marine, we pride ourselves on providing an unmatchable level customer service. We work closely with our clients, solutions designed and customised to your needs, budget and timeframe.

About Us

Triton Marine is a boutique venture, a family business equipped with experience and driven by heart. We are sincerely committed to offering a professional, reliable and personalised service, delivering strong output and quality solutions.

You thrive, we thrive.

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